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Pulled Pork Nachos at Tropicana Field

This post is going to be torture for both me and you. I announce right here, right now that Everglades BBQ Smokehouse hands down has some of the best nachos I’ve ever tasted! Tender pulled pork with creamy nacho cheese sits upon crispy corn tortilla chips and can be garnished with the BBQ sauce of your choice along with additional toppings. If you ever go to Tropicana Field during a Rays game these are a must have. So why did I start this article claiming it would be a torturous read? That’s because the nachos won’t be available again till the start of baseball season. According to MLB.com the Rays will open the 2018 Season against the Red Sox when they host their division rivals at Tropicana Field on March 29. March 29th! Let’s count it down people we have a long way to go till Nacho… I mean baseball season begins. Until then enjoy the yummy photos above. Drooling allowed.

Everglades BBQ Smokehouse

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