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A Review of The Ruben Dog at Mel’s Hot Dogs in Tampa

When I heard there was an establishment in Tampa that served Vienna Beef this Chicago native dropped everything and headed straight over to Mel’s Hot Dogs. Nothing beats a Chicago style hot dog made with a Vienna Beef wiener is what I originally thought going into the restaurant. Upon checking over the menu at Mel’s everything spoke to me. There were Fire Dogs, Cheese Dogs, Slaw Dogs, so many yummy sounding ones to choose from what does a wiener enthusiast do? Since I’ve only had Vienna Beef hot dogs Chicago Style I decided to switch it up and go with something different. I ordered a Ruben Dog! A steamed hot dog topped with thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, and melted Swiss cheese.

A Chicago native Mel Lohn is the owner of Mel’s Hot Dogs. The restaurant has a 40 plus year history in Tampa. Read more about the history of Mel’s here.

Mel’s Hot Dogs

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