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Review of The Latin Dog at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. at Disney Springs

What can further enhance an afternoon at Disney Springs ? A visit to B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. for hot dog. Located at Disney Springs Market Place, B.B. Wolf’s is a gourmet kiosk that serves up artisan sausages and hot dogs each with a wide array of toppings. They have several signature dogs including Greek, Italian, and Latin styles. I went for the Latin.

Don’t quote me on this but I belive a round trip walk around Disney Springs is somewhere around the 2 mile mark. This is not including walking in and out of the shops and attractions. So I was definitely ready to take a seat and chomp down on that juicy dog. Unfortunately because B.B Wolf’s is a kiosk there is not a large dining area available. To be exact there were four tables in front of which of course were all occupied. Luckily there are many other seating areas scattered through out Disney Springs.

Like anything Latin this wiener looked scrumptious as hell. A beautiful work of art almost not worthy of my touch. But I did it, I wrapped my hands around the Latin wiener, took my first bite and it was amor.

B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company

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