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Twistee Treat Hot Dog Review

Happy Wiener Wednesday everyone! Today’s wiener review comes from Twistee Treat. I didn’t expect a building shaped like an ice cream cone to have hot dogs on the menu but to my surprise they did. For lunch I got the hot dog special 2 hot dogs plus a small milk shake for $5.99.

They didn’t have any specialty dogs available but provided a wide selection of toppings. The boiled Nathan’s Famous brand hot dogs were served on a white bun. For my first hot dog I kept it simple and chose sauerkraut and mustard for toppings. For the second hot dog I picked chili and cheese. There was no additional charge for the chili!

For $5.99 I wasn’t expecting too much but I definitely got my fill. For this reviewer two hot dogs and a shake is more than enough to satisfy my appetite. In case you were wondering I got a caramel shake!!!

Twistee Treat

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