Black Lion Pub Meter Long Hot Dog Challenge

Can you handle a meter long wiener? More importantly can you swallow it down? The Black Lion Pub in Dubai has a new meter long wiener challenge. Technically the meter long wiener consists of seven individual hot dogs lined up with each one getting increasingly longer and spicier than the next. According to Holly Sands of Time Out Dubai the first hot dog is adorned with a classic combination of ketchup, mustard and onion, swiftly followed by a spicy chili con carne with tacos number, Korean short rib with cheese, sriracha pulled chicken, Schezwan prawns, sambal and onion bhaji, and finally a mouth-meltingly fiery habanero mole with jalapeños, fresh chillies and chili-dusted onion rings.

What’s the perk to wolfing down an entire meter long wiener? Well if you complete the challenge it’s free otherwise the cost is 295Dhs or around 68 American dollars. Plus there’s a mystery prize and a chance to be on the Black Lion Pub wiener challenge leader board. I’m in!

Black Lion Pub

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