When A Hot Dog and Hamburger Mate This Happens

What would happen if a hot dog and hamburger mated? The Hamdog would be born. Mark Murray Australian inventor of the HamDog is looking to bring his invention to the U.S. He first debuted his creation on the Australian version of Shark Tank and was laughed off the stage. Murray held strong and pursued his passion for wieners…and hamburgers. The HamDog has since enjoyed much success through out Perth at festivals and markets. Murray is now looking to bring the HamDog to the United States by auctioning off the intellectual property rights to his invention. In an interview with CNBC Murray claimed

“While there is a massive global market for the Hamdog, even if the Hamdog could find its way into just a 1 percent of the American burger market, that would generate its owner over $2 billion in annual sales”.

Two billion dollars annually….? Maybe the Eat A Wiener Today crew will have to purchase this patent. Eat A Wiener and Burger Today has a nice ring to it!

Learn more about the HamDog here.