Hot Dog Taco

Taco Tuesday is just a few short days away but I’m ready to get in the car and head to Boca Tacos Y Tequila in Tuscan for their Sonoran Hot Dog Taco! OK so maybe that’s a bit of a strech to drive from my home in Florida all the way out west to Arizona just for a non traditional taco made of hot dogs, and mixed with crispy bacon, and caramelized onions, and topped with pico de gallo, and wrapped in a warm tortilla, ahhhh! Or is it that crazy of an expedition when one has devoted their entire life to supplying the world with wiener news and reviews? OK, I’ll try be rational and start off by following the Sonoran Hot Dog taco recipe below from Chef Maria at Boca Tacos. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one, most likely before Tuesday!

– Hot dogs wrapped in bacon

-1 Cup Caramelized Onions

– Pinto Beans

– 1 Cup Pico de Gallo

– Flour or Corn Tortillas

Get the full recipe and instructions here

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Boca Tacos Y Tequila

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