LeFou’s Brew At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom has to be one of the most crowded sections of the entire park. With wait times for popular rides like Seven Dwarf’s Mine Cart and Peter Pan’s Flight topping 90 plus minutes sometimes you just need to grab a brew. What better place to do that than Gaston’s Tavern. Located in the heart of Fantasyland this quick service restaurant offers pastries, deli sandwiches plus fruit and veggie snacks. The highlight of their beverage menu is LeFou’s Brew. A sweet blend of frozen apple juice and toasted marshmallow topped with passion fruit mango foam. Overall LeFou’s Brew is pretty tasty if you’re a fan of super sweet drinks. It has a strikingly similar taste to the Night Blossom found at Animal Kingdom’s Pongu Pongu restaurant but with a more appley (appley is a legit word!) taste. For an additional $7.00 you can get LeFou’s Brew in a souvenir mug. I’d hold off on the mug since it didn’t look any larger than the standard cup. Cheers!

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Gaston’s Tavern Location