Ocean Water From Sonic Drive-In

It was a rainy day here in Tampa and Mother Nature was not cooperating during my lunch break. I left my brown bag lunch at home which forced me to leave the office during a torrential down pour in search of food and beverage. I didn’t have a particular destination in mind but I knew due to the storm it was going to be a drive-thru restaurant kinda day.

I scornfully drove by a McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King praying those weren’t my only options for a drive-thru meal. As I traveled further up the road I saw a sign and had an “ahhh” moment. I didn’t need a drive-thru what I needed was a drive-in, a Sonic Drive-In!

I ordered a New York style hot dog and a large Ocean Water. Ocean Water was a great pairing with the N.Y. style wiener and the tropical flavor momentarily made me forget about the gloomy weather.

Ocean Water from Sonic Drive-In
  • Sweetness
  • Overall Flavor
  • Color


Ocean Water is served over crushed ice,is a lovely Caribbean blue color, and has a lemon lime flavor with a hint of coconut. It is the perfect amount of sweetness with a subtle tangy undertone.


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