Cook Out Restaurant Hot Dog Review

I love cole slaw I love hot dogs but I was leery about trying those two items together on a bun. Cook Out Restaurant made me a believer that it can be a winning combination. I ordered the Cook Out Style Hot Dog which is a char-grilled hot dog topped with chili (amazing chili), mustard, home made slaw, and onions.

I found Cook Out purely on accident while road tripping through North Carolina. I was actually seeking out HWY 55 Restaurant when Google Maps claimed I arrived at my destination. Being in a hunger induced coma I didn’t pay much attention to the name of the restaurant as I proceeded through the drive thru line. After reading the posted menu I noticed it was way different than the one I viewed on line for HWY 55 and finally made the connection. I’m glad I went with it and just ordered. Best mistake I’ve made in a long time.

Sizing Up Cook Out Restaurant's Wiener
  • Presentation
  • 1st Bite Reaction
  • Flavor of Hot Dog (minus bun, toppings, & condiments)
  • Texture of Hot Dog
  • Girth of Wiener
  • Overall Flavor of Hot Dog Including Bun, Toppings, & or Condiments
  • Freshness & Flavor of Bun
  • Value


What the char-grilled hot dog lacks in girth it definitely makes up for in taste. This rather thin wiener packs a rich meaty/salty flavor which does not get lost in the generous portion of toppings which sits upon a soft white bun. The toppings include hearty chili, crunchy slaw, onions and mustard . The slaw added a nice crunch and coolness while balancing out the diced onions and tartness of the yellow mustard. The only complaint I have about this dog is the onions. There were a lot of them and they were strong! So you’ve been warned definitly pop a couple sticks of gum after eating this bad boy.

Cook Out Restaurant

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