The Best Hot Dog From Every State

What is more American than apple pie? hot dogs of course! The Daily Meal just came out with their vote for the top hot dog from every state. So far I have been to two of their top 51 choices. Being a Chicago native I can definitely cosign that Superdawg serves up one of the best hot dogs in Illinois. I lived right down the street from their Milwaukee and Devon location and can’t count how many hot dogs I’ve eaten there. On the other hand The Daily Meals Hawaii nomination was a little disappointing. I got to try Puka Dog a few year back on a trip to Kauai and was less than impressed. The over sized hard bun, weird toppings like star fruit or banana relish, and choice of veggie or polish sausage (not even actual hot dogs) just didn’t work. I wasn’t a fan of Puka Dog but it gets a pass because heck, Hawaii’s claim to fame is not hot dogs.

Check out the top 51 hot dogs on The Daily Meal. Comment below and let us know if your favorite made the cut.

Superdawg hot dog Chicago
Superdawg Hot Dog, Photo by Check Please