WWE Daniel Bryan Disrespects Innocent Bystander’s Wiener

Daniel Brian WWE

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan goes bonkers at concession stand and patronizes a man’s appetite for wieners. At a recent SmackDown event a raging mad Daniel mocked fans for their unhealthy eating habits linking their poor dietary choices to brain fog, depression, and love for A.J. Styles. He then goes on to explain how the toxicity of a hot dog is similar to being an A.J. fan, poisonous, unsatisfying and leaving you thirsty for more. Harsh words from Mr. Bryan! An apology is definitely in order. Smacking a perfectly good wiener out of a man’s hand as he’s about to chow down, absolute disrespect! This is America where men and women should be able to enjoy wieners as they please.

The EAWT crew would like to buy this poor guy a hot dog! If you are him contact us and we’d be glad to get you a another hot dog.