Barbecued Worm Sandwich

Barbecued Hot Dog Worm Sandwich. Photo from

Barbecued Worm Sandwich sounds good right? Well it should because it’s made with hot dogs. This recipe is a staple for my annual Halloween party. What I love about it is the simplicity of the flavors not to mention how easy this dish is to make. If you use the skillet method to make this recipe the sliced hot dogs will curl up right before your eyes in the heated pan. Another cook method is to simmer the wieners and sauce in a crock pot. Just cut a few packages of hot dogs length wise, add BBQ sauce making sure the hot dogs are completely covered ( I like Sweet Baby Ray’s), cook for 3 to four hours or until the hot dogs are curled. The curling won’t happen so instantaneously if you use the crock pot cook method but the end result is just as creepy looking but oh so tasty!

Get the full recipe from Pillsbury here. Although Pillsbury’s recipe calls for American Cheese and hamburger buns please feel free to stray from those instructions. My guests and I usually end up eating this as a side dish with a fork sans bun or cheese.