Ecto Cooler Halloween Cocktail

This week’s Halloween inspired drink comes from Secret of the Booze. Their adult version of a Hi-C’s classic Ecto Cooler tastes amazing! Any Ghostbuter or even non Ghostbuster fan will appreciate this cocktail.

I had a little trouble finding bottled Orange Tangerine juice so I improvised. Here are my changes to the original recipe

Instead of Orange Tangerine juice I used Capri Sun Orange (1 pouch) as my base
To get the flavor a bit tangier I added some Tampico Citrus Punch
and finally I added a splash of Sprite for sweetness.

And most importantly do not, I repeat DO NOT substitute the Svedka Clementine Vodka. I tried switching it out with orange vodka and it wasn’t as tasty.

Check out how Secret of the Booze made the original Ecto Cooler Cocktail and get the full ingredients list from the video below
Learn more about Secret of the Booze here.