Cruise Ship Wieners How Do They Measure Up?

On board the Carnival Paradise there are many wonderful dining areas and food options available. The Chef’s Choice located on the Lido Deck carries a variety of dishes from various countries each day. The buffet style selections are inspired by Jamaica, Mexico, France, the Caribbean and United States.

On the day I visited Chef’s Choice they were serving American fare, which of course included hot dogs! Obviously I was very excited to try out my first cruise ship wiener. A variety of toppings were available and I chose to go with chili and grilled onions. Upon my first bite everything tasted wrong. From the chili to the bun to the wiener, it was awful.

I’ve taken many (as in 7) cruises with Carnival and can honestly say I’ve never had a bad meal aboard any of their ships. I wasn’t expecting a 5 star hot dog but at the same time I didn’t expect it to be that gosh darn terrible. Hopefully this was just a fluke. My recommendation skip the cruise ship hot dogs and hold out for some land wiener at one of the port destinations.

Chef's Choice Carnival Paradise Wiener Review
  • Presentation
  • 1st Bite Reaction
  • Flavor of Hot Dog (minus bun, toppings, & condiments)
  • Texture of Hot Dog
  • Girth of Wiener
  • Overall Flavor of Hot Dog Including Bun, Toppings, & or Condiments
  • Freshness & Flavor of Bun
  • Value


This grilled wiener at Chef’s Choice is a definite don’t. The texture of the hot dog and the taste was like a Slim Jim left out of the package cooking on a car’s dashboard in 100 degree weather for a few days. The bun wasn’t any better, plain, white, and stale with a powder coating on it. And the chili…meh.

You might be wondering why this nasty dog has a rating of 5 for value? That’s basically because it was free (there is no cost for most of the food on a cruise ship excluding specialty restaurants, alcohol, soda, and designer coffee beverages). And the 3.5 rating for presentation is because I assembled it myself and it actually did look pretty tasty on the plate. Looks are deceiving.

Chef’s Choice

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