Sonic Corn Dog Review

Sonic offered 50 cent hot dogs on October 31st in celebration of Halloween. Did you indulge? At first I went conservative and only ordered one. Then after I realized how good they were I ordered 2 more. Yep, three corn dogs in one sitting. #NoRegrets

Besides informing you all after the fact that 50 cent hot dogs were available at Sonic yesterday this post has another purpose. It’s Wiener Wednesday which means time to drop another hot dog review. As you can tell from the paragraph above I clearly enjoyed all three of my Sonic corn dogs. The cornbread was sweet the wiener was salty, a winning combo. And the price 50 cents, gotta love that!

Sizing Up Sonic Drive-In's Corn Dog
  • Presentation
  • 1st Bite Reaction
  • Flavor of Hot Dog (minus bun, toppings, & condiments)
  • Texture of Hot Dog
  • Girth of Wiener
  • Overall Flavor of Hot Dog Including Bun, Toppings, & or Condiments
  • Freshness & Flavor of Cornbread
  • Value


A heavenly union of deep fried sweetcorn bread wrapped around a salty wiener. Mustard and or ketchup not needed. Perfection as is! Although I have reviewed Sonic’s wieners in the past and not been a fan of the girth in this scenario it seemed fitting to the cornbread hot dog ratio.


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