Twistee Treat Hot Dog Review

Happy Wiener Wednesday everyone! Today’s wiener review comes from Twistee Treat. I didn’t expect a building shaped like an ice cream cone to have hot dogs on the menu but to my surprise they did. For lunch I got the hot dog special 2 hot dogs plus a small milk shake for $5.99.

They didn’t have any specialty dogs available but provided a wide selection of toppings. The boiled Nathan’s Famous brand hot dogs were served on a white bun. For my first hot dog I kept it simple and chose sauerkraut and mustard for toppings. For the second hot dog I picked chili and cheese. There was no additional charge for the chili!

For $5.99 I wasn’t expecting too much but I definitely got my fill. For this reviewer two hot dogs and a shake is more than enough to satisfy my appetite. In case you were wondering I got a caramel shake!!!

Sizing Up Twistee Treat's Wiener
  • Presentation
  • 1st Bite Reaction
  • Flavor of Hot Dog (minus bun, toppings, & condiments)
  • Texture of Hot Dog
  • Girth of Wiener
  • Overall Flavor of Hot Dog Including Bun, Toppings, & or Condiments
  • Freshness & Flavor of Bun
  • Value


The only thing that saved this review from going in the wiener hall of shame was the quality of the Nathan’s brand hot dogs. Even though they were boiled they had a rich salty beefy flavor and a good textured casing. Unfortunately they sat on semi stale white buns. The first hot dog was topped with sauerkraut that was cold and chewy. The second hot dog was topped with chili that tasted like it came straight from a can and cheese that mimicked Cheese Whiz. Even though I wasn’t overly impressed this spot will still be on my radar when my pockets are thin. $5.99 for 2 hot dogs and a small milk shake, can’t beat that!

If it’s any consolation the milkshake was delish, 4 stars!

Twistee Treat

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